Girls.  What wonderful creatures.

Sometimes they are little pretty unicorns that speak positive words like rainbows that float in to the sky.

Other times girls are…well…little pretty unicorns that are frumpy and not happy with anything.

I know your discomfort and awkwardness in this situation.  I have a little pretty young lady unicorn myself that is like any other young lady out there.

She is trying to find herself and figure out her emotions.  While at the same time she is trying to build confidence and establish self esteem.

I wanted to try to help her along and give her resources to give her ideas, support, and help guide her in the right direction.

This is when I realized I needed to share this with as many parents of young ladies as possible!

It is hard being a kid that is growing up these days.

Help your young lady sort out the confusing thoughts in her head.

Give her the resources she so desperately wants but doesn’t know exists.

She’s only young once.  She only gets one chance at this “growing up” process.

Help her avoid at least SOME of the problems that are inevitably coming her way.

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Top Self Help Books For Girls That Promote Self Esteem and Confidence


The Feelings Book by American Girl

This book helps girls learn about the emotions they are feeling.  This book helps girls understand these emotions and how to positively cope with each emotion.  Emotions such as jealousy, anxiety, fear, as well as many others are addressed and explained.

According to Pfizer research ( anxiety can be found in up to 1 in 4 adults.

Let’s help our kids understand what to expect and ways to cope with anxiety and other emotions.


Drama, Rumors & Secrets – By American Girl 

Stand Up For Yourself & Your Friends – By American Girl

Friendship Troubles – By American Girl 


All 3 of these books should be in a must have kit for girls.

Every girl has at one point or another had all of the above problems.  Wouldn’t it be nice to get ahead of the game?

This is the best gift you can give a growing young lady.  Give her a chance to get familiar with what is already going on, and what is yet to come.

I remember back to when I was a young girl, and each time a problem came up – it was like I was speechless.  Then after the fact, after I had time to process the entire event that happened – only at that time did I have a response that I wish that I could go back in time and say.  Only, sadly at that point it is too late.

Give your girls a chance to be ready.  We can’t prevent everything, but we can minimize the damage.  Knowledge is power.

A Smart Girl’s Guide To Liking Herself (Even On The Bad Days) – By: Laurie Zelinger

With women in general, even for myself, it seems like a good portion of our earlier problems in our lives stem from not liking ourselves in one way or another.

It would be nice to know that most women feel this way and it is more of a state of mind than it is a problem within ourselves.

Every girl needs this peace of mind.

Diary of a Super Girl – By: Katrina Kahler

This book for girls is based on a fictional plot.  In this book you will find a blend of comedy and underlying issues that pre-teen/tweens face in everyday life.  Part of a series. This is book #1 in the series.  Click on the blue highlighted link to explore this book and the others in this Super Girl Series.

If the topic is really sensitive for your child, this may be a way to break the ice before exploring each emotion directly.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes – By: Mark Pett

The story of a girl who never made mistakes…well until the day that she does make a mistake in a big way.  This is a great book for every girl, at every age.  This book shows everyone that it’s okay to make mistakes and be you.  This is a very important lesson in life.  No one is perfect. We need to help our girls acknowledge and be comfortable with this fact.

The Mean Girl Who Never Speaks – By: Zuni Blue

This story centers in on a girl that sets out to find the reasons why a possible “mean girl” is acting the way she does.

The story provides awareness and gives girls the understanding that even girls who are “mean girls” have more going on in their lives that make them the way they are.

Girls need to read this book to understand even if they encounter/become scrutinized by a “mean girl” that the problem isn’t with themselves – it’s a problem that the “mean girl” is experiencing in her life.

I know this will make a lot of girls that get bullied understand and feel better about the entire bullying situation.

These girls will finally realize that the bully is truly the problem and not that there is something wrong with themselves that they set out to “fix”.

Nerd Girls: A Catastrophe Of Nerdish Proportions – By: Alan Lawrence Sitomer

Lets teach girls that Nerds are cool.  Labels are just words.  Words are not going anywhere.  So we need to shine a light on words that usually mean something negative and make these words positive and fun.

This book will help girls see that nerd is just a word, and “nerds” have a lot of fun!

This book is a part of a series.  Click on the link to see this book, and explore other books in this series.

You Are A Girl Who Can Do Anything – By: Ashley Rice

An awesome book to reinforce that girls really can do anything.  Sometimes in this big world making dreams come true really does seem impossible.

Dreams are not impossible.

This book will put the fire back in girls hearts and get the motivated to persue their dreams.

Sometimes our kids don’t take us seriously because they think we always tell them what they want to hear, so with this book it is an outside source that is rooting them on to endless success.


A Smart Girl’s Guide: Manners – By: American Girl

This book is a fun way for girls to learn manners.  A lot of the time we tell our kids the normal manners and it seems like our words go in one ear and right out the other ear.

This is another instance where an outside source is a great reinforcement of what your young lady already knows.

Sometimes when you hear something from someone that isn’t directly involved – only then does it click in our heads that “Hey, yeah – that must be right after all! They weren’t just telling me that…” after all.

Manners are a great way for girls to practice empathy, social skills, and learning about how our actions effect other people.

Girls Rule – By: Ashley Rice

*Updated Edition!*

As you may have noticed this is another book by Ashley Rice.  This book is another uplifting book that encourages girls to be their best self.

It also sends the message that not only is being different okay…being different and unique is great!

Laced throughout the book is one giant overall message that girls can accomplish anything and everything.

This is a great way for girls to build confidence.

The Adventures Of Lola – By: Jade Harley

This non fiction book lets your child explore the adventures of Lola with Lola herself telling the story.  Lola sets on to solve and overcome obstacles, even if she doesn’t solve them in ordinary ways.  Lola is a spunky girl that is different in many ways, and often finds herself in trouble.  Even though Lola finds herself in trouble because of her spunky ways, but she always stands up for what is right. This book shows girls that they can be different and still stand up for what they believe is right – no matter what.

Chicken Soup for the and growing up for kids ages 9-13″ soul: Just For Preteens – [“101 Stories of Inspiration and Support”]

Chicken Soup for the soul: Preteen Soul – [“Stories about changes, choices]

Chicken Soup for the soul: Preteen Soul 2 – [“Stories about facing challenges, realizing dreams and making a difference”]

I remember when the Chicken Soup for the Soul series was so popular back in the day.

These books are easy to read and have an awesome underlying message to all.

This is the classic self help and self guidance series.  The go to of self help books, if you will.

This is a great introduction for young girls into the Chicken Soup Series.  The Chicken Soup Series is an overall great reading experience, every time.

Bonus Section for ParentsBelow!

Bonus Section:

Here is a section of books just for us parents!

Just as it is important for our girls to be reading books to help guide them through this otherwise rough and bumpy time in their lives – We (as parents, or parental figures!) need to be reading about what they are going through and how we can help them.

If there is anything we can do to help our kids through the difficult maze of growing up and make better choices – we need to do it now.

Knowledge is power.

Understanding and communication are key.

Use your key to unlock your power.

Click on any of the books pictured here to find out more information about each book. 

There are a lot of books out there.

The key to not being overwhelmed is to pick and read 1 book at a time and digest the information you read.

It is NEVER to early to start reading books that will help your child.  Even if your little girl is a newborn or toddler – this will give you enough time to think about what you read and how to implement it in your home.  This means you will be more prepared. (Is anyone ever fully prepared when it comes to kids?)

You will have time to talk about rules and boundaries with your spouse and create a simple set of guidelines for your children.

Example: When you know you are going on a road trip to a new place you have never traveled before…will you wait to find directions or turn on the GPS when you start the trip…or after you already have gotten lost?

The example is just a comparision to our children growing up.

Do we want to start to try to repair problems after they happen…or do we want to try to help our kids dodge at least a couple of the dodgeballs coming their way?

If you think it’s too early…it’s probably already approaching too late.  

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