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Financial (Bills)




Finally. A Fast and easy way to organize all of your bills for the month – in ONE place.  

Your mind can now relax, knowing all of the exact details you need – at a glance. 

Pay off your debt faster! This organizer will help you see where you can easily cut waste.  Also, it will show you how close you can be to paying off your debts!

I spent a lot of nights designing, creating and formatting each block to build this organizer.

 I need something for my own bills that was SIMPLE, yet detailed.  Which I found was not available anywhere.  So I went on to make my own.

You could spend tons of hours creating an organizer, but why…when you can BUY one for literally 1 dollar and some change?  That would be like paying yourself literally pennies for each hour of work.

*Additional Tips – I have a “Financial Binder” that is created by starting with just a regular binder.  I use a 3 hole punch to punch holes into this printable organizer. (I print a year’s worth at a time.) Then I slide all of the printable organizers into the binder.  

Want to be more eco friendly? Print one Monthly Financial Organizer out and use a laminator and laminate it.  Use wet erase pens like these ones here to prevent smudges.  Then, just use it over and over each month.

Now you are all set to start showing your debt who’s boss. 

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