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Am I the only mom that thinks back to school supply costs can be insane?

Let’s think about this a second:

  1. You buy a huge list of basic supplies each year
  2. You buy on this list items that support the whole class (Go You!)
  3. You buy new or new to you school clothes
  4. Don’t forget to buy the new school shoes!
  5. Wait…you need a calculator that costs WHAT?
  6.  Where did that gaping hole come from in your kid’s back pack?

saving money, school, kids, school supplies, life hacks,

Oh yes, fond school memories.  Well what if I told you I could save you $470 or more off your school supplies mandatory investments?

That would be pretty awesome right?


If a child starts and finishes the mandatory school years they have gone to school for at least 13 years.  (Kindergarten + 1-12th grade)

Hang in here with me for a second and let me give you some information that will bring this whole conversation full circle.

Each year, most parents buy their kids a NEW back pack EVERY year.

saving money, school, kids, school supplies, life hacks,

I was one of those kids. I did get a new back pack every year.  But to be honest, I usually needed one for the new year.  It did not really matter what brand I used or how expensive it was, it just could not hold up with the piles of books.  Okay maybe dragging it on the cement, bus, tossing it, that could have done some of the damage.

But what kid treats their back pack like a porcelain doll? None that I have seen.  It’s not even that they are careless.  It just those back pack have a tough job, and it’s hard work being a back pack.

Okay so let’s look at the math.  Let’s take the 13 years of school and multiply it by the average cost of a back pack $40 (according to what I found researching online, $42 was the average cost of a back pack in 2014- so it is likely that the cost has gone up a tad).  That’s okay though let’s just use $40 because not everyone spends that much on a back pack anyways.

So 13 (years of school) x $40 (avg backpack cost) = $520

(That is not even including tax…yikes!)


saving money, school, kids, school supplies, life hacks,


Alright now that we all have anxiety and are sweating over how much we have or are going to spend on replacing 1 item over and over again,  I’ll let you in on what I have done, that is going to save me $470 per child.

I have 2 kids in school – so I will be saving $940 – Oh wowza that is a crazy number….

When my kids start school, I buy them each 1 back pack. It costs me about $50 or less delivered.

This is the only back pack they will get.

What? I am so mean? What happens when it rips?

Well I showed them, I said if this back pack rips, then you will have to tie your bed sheets into a nap sack and toss it over your shoulder…and walk to school and back home in the snow, with out shoes, walking uphill both ways.

saving money, school, kids, school supplies, life hacks,

Lol. I am just kidding.  Sometimes my wacky humor slips out before I can stuff it back in my brain.

Okay, Okay, What I really do is like I said I buy one back pack and that is it. I buy one back pack from L.L. Bean. (nope not affiliated at all!! I do not get paid for this article and I am not associated with them!)

L.L. Bean has a lifetime warranty with their back packs.  They put reviews on their website even stating people that have had their back packs from 20 years ago have sent them back and received new ones as a replacement.

This is a big deal.  This is a lot of money.  This is money that could be put into a savings account for your child to help them as a struggling young adult.

Now you do not have to buy a back pack just from L.L. Bean.  Buy one at least that has a life time warranty.  I personally trust L.L. Bean, and I know they have my records on file.

**IMPORTANT TIP** Make sure you keep your receipt and tags for your lifetime warranty.  Also, if it proves defective…USE THE WARRANTY AND SEND IT BACK!  I have seen so many times where someone is covered by a warranty but they just go buy a new one…why?  That money is yours! It’s like going to the hospital and tell it’s okay I do not want to use my insurance card today, i’ll pay cash!

You wouldn’t do that would you?  Of course not!

Here are a few that I did find that are cheaper but I have not tested personally.  The bonus is they are cheaper, and still claim to have a lifetime warranty.

**IMPORTANT TIP** I am listing these back packs for you for your convenience.  Browse around, READ THE DETAILS!  I did not fully investigate these but, they are all from Amazon.  Amazon has always taken care of me personally when something was not right.  I think they have the best customer service in the world. (Seriously, never dealt with anything easier than talking to Amazon about an issue)

This way this gives you a starting point to transition to possibly saving hundreds of dollars! Fast, with a couple of clicks!

These are just a few to get started and look around.  The nice thing about Amazon really is the fast 2 day shipping.  I get impatient when I buy something online, so it is nice to know that it is coming quickly.

This rests my mind knowing that it will be here soon, and then when it arrives it is officially crossed off my to do list.

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