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I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just feel like I am failing at everything.  Where things are so crazy you do not even know how to, or what to handle first.

I have those days… I actually had one recently…It went kind of like this:

  • I get a notice that a big change is happening in the eCommerce world and I have to change almost 1000 items information immediately in our store.
  • I am behind in paperwork from said store.
  • I have a pesky neighbor near a rental property complaining to the city about a tree, (that was recently inspected by the city and passed as safe) and then I get a new violation for the same tree again.
  • I am behind on paperwork and logging receipts for said property.
  •  Something was leaking water into the basement.
  • I have 3 plus loads of laundry to wash, dry, fold, put away. (All while my  kids keep adding to the pile.) I love how clothes become “dirty” when I ask you to clean your room, and all the clothes on the floor end up in the dirty laundry.
  • I had packages to prepare and send out in the mail to customers and it has to be done by a certain time for a pick up.
  • My toddler who is still getting the hang of potty training poos in his pants then takes it out and tosses it into the toilet splashing dirty poo water everywhere
  • Which leads to adding to the list: Disinfect the bathroom from poo water and bathe the poo touching toddler.
  • Get the other 2 kiddos to stop running in the house
  • Act as Chef-Maid-Nanny-Teacher-Mime (kids have the listening skills of worms these days, so If I mime it out, maybe they will get the hint?)
  • Which led to find a new way to get kids to listen besides miming because that failed too.
  • Take a shower, that would be cool.
  • End of the day house clean up. LMBO! (Laughing my butt off)

This day was out of this world.  I was handing time outs like they were parking tickets.

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This is when I try to remember inspiring quotes.  Not only because they are nice to hear, but most importantly because they are true.

I have a lot on my plate, and I should take that into consideration.  But, I always give  myself a hard time.  I keep thinking that I am failing at everything.

What I need to remember, is that I am progressing at everything.  I need to pick the most important thing RIGHT NOW and take care of that. Then check it off the list and move on.

It would also help if I gave myself a high five every once in awhile.  Just like billions of other parents and everyone in the workforce we all deserve it.

motivational, spiritual, motivation, quotes, overwhelmed, anxiety, comfort, comforting words, inspiring quotes, inspire, in the light,

I can’t wait for someone else to notice all of my blood (paper cuts happen folks- pushing papers isn’t for wimps lol), sweat (it is like the hottest summer in history, or at least that is how it feels), and tears (I really do not want to see another poopy smeared mess anywhere, ever again).

If we know that we really tried our hardest and we still did not get everything accomplished we wanted to that day,  then that is a great start for tomorrow.

The more tasks we see we completed the better we feel.  The better we feel the more power and strength we can put into pushing forward, to tackle the rest of life’s curve balls.

You are not alone.  This blog is open 24 hours a day.

motivational, spiritual, motivation, quotes, overwhelmed, anxiety, comfort, comforting words, inspiring quotes, inspire, in the light,

Even on my worst days I find strength knowing that I have the ability to choose how I label my day.  That I define what happiness is to me.

That even with a big mess to clean up after my toddler I look into his eyes and see mine.  At that moment I am pulled back into reality and that he is my son.  The smiling, wonderful, and loving little boy that did not do this on purpose.  Besides, I usually take this moment to make a joke because laughing is what makes me happy.

Don’t get me wrong there has been a lot of times where I was not able to collect myself to get to the joking stage at a moment of total unpleasantness.  I just try to not make the same mistake twice.

If my mood crosses the line and I raise my voice for something that I feel like I should have handled a different way, I will take that person aside and give them a honest, and heartfelt apology.  I have done that for each of my kids.

Moms makes mistakes too.  It’s just what she does after she makes the mistake that shows who she is as a person.

That what I might find otherwise find inconvenient I found a new moment of our everlasting mother and son love.  His heart loves me and from my heart I created his.  There is not a viable reason at that moment in time not to look at the light in the moment instead of the dark.

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

-Aristotle Onassis


Besides sooner or later it is bedtime.  It is mom time! Then I get to reflect, collect, and pour all of my hope, faith, and love right back into this world through my blog.

I hope this reaches a parent, that has a full plate of their own.  I hope it brings you some comfort and a bunch of laughter.





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