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Hello, Hello, Hello!

Let me first start by saying, I can be honest when food tastes great, tastes “just good”, and also when it tastes like “lets never make that again”.

I love pizzeria pizza.  If you get it from the right place, it is perfection.  Okay, Okay, truth be told pizza is probably my favorite food of all time.

But…there’s two problems with pizzeria pizza.

Problem #1- The cost.

I don’t know about you but for a really good pizza around here, you are looking at spending $20 or more PER PIZZA.  That price is a lot for something that has a useful life of about 10 minutes.

(Enter my rant for when I could remember when premium bread was 99 cents.)

Okay, sure I COULD get a pizza for around $10 or so – but this is one of those times where you get what you pay for! If I’m spending money – it always needs to be worth the cost.  We all work hard to earn money right? Right!  So there’s no way we are tossing money away on food that makes us wish we would have just eaten that can of soup in the kitchen cabinets.

Problem # 2 – Ingredients in Pizzeria Pizza

I’m sure if my favorite pizzeria showed me the list of ingredients in that pizza they make that I drool over, that I wouldn’t be so thrilled about their pizza anymore.  I’m sure it has too much fat, sodium, and everything else that makes it taste wonderful – that I shouldn’t be eating.  Also, I’m sure the local pizzeria doesn’t really care about “organic” and etc.  But hey it’s every once in a great while – like 2-3 times a year.  (The Superbowl which is basically like a holiday to me and my husband’s birthday because he loves chicken wings.)

The 8 Fringe Benefits of making this pizza at home:

1.) So for the rest of the year, I can make this super simple pizza – and I’m not even kidding you – it TASTES FABULOUS.  Now, I know everybody and their mother goes around saying that this and that recipe is a life changer.  I will only say this one time, throughout all of my recipes I publish on this blog.



3.) Maybe that last one was a little over the top – but it’s true.

4.) I really like that when I make this pizza at home…that I don’t have to go anywhere…which means…I don’t have to take out my mom poof (kind of like a mom bun but way cooler…well that’s what I tell myself anyways) and get all gussied up to look “presentable”.

5.) You know all of the ingredients that you are putting into it

6.) You don’t have to wonder if the pizzeria employees really “wash their hands after using the bathroom”

7.) It’s sooo much cheaper.

How much does it cost to make?

I do buy certain brands/ingredients – and with those specific ingredients that makes it cost around $10-12 (prices for items at regular price – find coupons,sales, and buy in bulk to cut costs!) which makes 2 pizzas. 


The Ingredient list for the BEST PIZZA EVER:

  • Fresh Pizza Dough (I buy mine at a local store for $1)
  • Canned tomato sauce
  • Canned tomato paste
  • Galbani Whole Milk Mozzarella cheese
  • Flour
  • Butter/Spray oil to coat pizza pan
  • Toppings (I use pepperoni)
  • (optional) Spices for Sauce – I use basil, onion powder, parsley…the options are endless!

Homemade Pizza Recipe+ Step by step Instructions:


  1.  Let the dough rise.  (You can buy the dough fresh or make it yourself from scratch – I buy it fresh at a local store for a $1)
  2.  Sprinkle flour on to a large cutting board or work surface (I like using a cutting board because I can reuse it to cut the pizza after it’s done cooking.)
  3.  Preheat your oven to 450 degrees
  4.  Take your dough (You will need at least a handful to make a pizza) and sprinkle a little flour on it and start to knead the dough.  You can toss it in your KitchenAid mixer with the dough hook.  I do this for just a minute or so if I am making multiple pizza’s.  It’s just faster and easier.
  5. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin, sprinkle flour on dough as necessary. *Remember you can always add more, but you can’t take any back!
  6.  Coat your pizza pan with butter/spray.  I honestly just use “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and spread it around the pizza pan with a spatula.  I don’t like buying the what I believe is overpriced cooking spray.  Use what you feel comfortable with.
  7.  Transfer your pizza crust to the pizza pan. DO NOT PUT IT IN THE OVEN.
  8.   Open the can of tomato sauce and the can of tomato paste.
  9.   Add the tomato sauce and tomato paste to a bowl. (I use a glass pyrex bowl that came in a set where all the bowls have matching lids…this is so much healthier than plastic, easier to clean [no more sauce stains!], and it is a huge time saver for putting foods away…just put the lid on and away it goes!)
  10.  Add spices to the sauce.  Use the spices you like.  I like more traditional flavors.  So I add some onion powder, parsley, basil, a pinch of garlic powder etc.
  11. Whisk the sauce with a regular fork (Easier to clean and still gets the job done!) Keep whisking until the tomato sauce and tomato paste are completely combined.
  12.  Set sauce to the side for a minute
  13.  Take your brick of mozzarella cheese and slice it very thin.  You don’t want too thick of slices because it will take too long to melt.  This will cause you to burn the crust because you waited for thick slices of cheese to melt. (I use the brick of mozzarella. You can use the shredded stuff that comes in a bag.  I don’t think the shredded stuff tastes as good.  Have you ever noticed how the shredded stuff feels like it has a powdery coating?  That is the preservative coating. Yuck.  Let’s skip the bag cheese and go for the brick, it tastes better anyways.  I have 2 knives that will slice fresh cheese well.  All the other knives are the worst for cutting cheese. You could use a cheese grater but I feel like that is messy and you lose a lot of cheese from it getting stuck in the holes.
  14.  Time to assemble! Add sauce to your pizza crust. Then add the cheese.  Then add your toppings! 
  15.  Carefully put the pizza in the oven.
  16.  Check on it every few minutes after 5-7 minutes.  Some ovens run hotter than the temperature displayed, while some ovens are losing their juice and do not heat up to the full temperature.  Once you time how long your first pizza takes for your oven – you won’t have to watch the time so closely next time.
  17.  When the cheese is fully melted and the crust has a light golden hue – it’s done! 
  18.  Use really good quality oven mitts, because that pan will be extremely hot! (I learned the hard way that all oven mitts are not equals!)
  19.  Let the pizza cool for a few minutes
  20.  Use a Turner utensil to work your way underneath the pizza and all around the sides. 
  21.  Then use your Turner utensil (or two!) depending on how big you made your pizza and transfer it to a cutting board.
  22.  Use your pizza cutter (way easier and safer than a knife + you can use a pizza cutter to cut so many things!) and cut the pizza.
  23.  Enjoy your pizza!


 Scroll down to see the photos below to get a sneak peak on pizza making process at my house! 

 Yes, I had to showcase my pyrex bowl with the lid!  This set of pyrex will change your life in the kitchen! Plus it will be easier on everyone’s health. Did I mention it’s dishwasher safe? Yeah. That’s what I’m talking about!


Print out the recipe!  This way you can always have it handy, and you don’t have to worry about finding it OR how much battery life you have left on  your phone. Win-Win! 

The best compliment you could give me is to share this recipe on your favorite social media!  

Thank You Kindly! 



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