Hello! So this is awkward… This post is a quick hello! because …well…keep reading, and hope this does not happen to you.  I had big plans to work on this website for awhile…like weeks- maybe a month.  And until I was ready, I was not going to make this site “live”.

Here I was last night, typing away trying to make this website nothing short of awesome for you. Then, my computer started freezing.  No big deal right? Right, it happens to the best of us. However what you do not do in that situation is let your frustrations take over and start clicking on the same thing 50 times thinking that will prevail. You do not want to do this because when your computer unfreezes and starts catching up on all of those 50 clicks, it might just click on MAKE YOUR WEBSITE LIVE LINK. Which is uh, kind of exactly what happened.

My mouth literally dropped open. I froze myself, in denial thinking maybe this did not really happen.  I unfroze, and yeah it really happened.  So needless to say,  HELLO FRIEND! WELCOME! SURPRISE! If you would have stumbled upon this site a few days ago it would have said “under construction check back soon”.

In the meantime, I will keep posting often! Hang in there with me in the days to follow as the site changes!



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