Cleaning Quick Tips Series: use Vinegar in your towels when laundering them – this will take the odor out of them.

*Additional tip – Vinegar also acts as a natural and cheaper version of fabric softener! Win-win!


The odor usually starts by one of the following ways:

  • A bunch of wet or damp towels sit in a dirty laundry basket overnight
  • I leave the towels in the washer too long after the cycle is finished
  • I didn’t dry the towels long enough (sometimes I get impatient and towels that feel “dry” are not really 100% dry…I need to just let it finish the cycle)
  • I used bargain detergent because I felt extra cheap on the last shopping trip to the store
  • If my kids are playing in the sink again and they tell me they didn’t notice the towel fell into the sink and the towel is soaking wet (the joys of motherhood)

Here is a quick way to solve the problem no matter how it started!

Add Vinegar to the washer when washing your towels.  I have a front loading washer and I add the vinegar to my pre-wash section in the dispenser tray.

I have added it to the drum before but it didn’t really work the same.  I think this is because the soap dispenser distributes the vinegar; while periodically rotating the drum.  When I just poured the vinegar in with the towels, I believe that the vinegar just soaked up into sections of the towels that the vinegar landed on. If that is the only option that there is – or If I had a top loader (which I used to) I would add the vinegar to the wash the same way I would normally add regular detergent.

  1. I would add at least a cup of vinegar to the towels for a normal to large sized load.  Use more or less depending on how severe your towel odor is.
  2. Don’t forget to still add your regular detergent to the washer as normal.
  3. Lastly, dry the towels until fully dry.  This keeps the moisture out of the towels.  Even ever so slightly damp will create a not so pleasant smell; after the towels wait to be used again.


You can use this vinegar method on regular laundry – but be careful!  It may lighten dark colors on regular clothes if you use too much.  I noticed this over time with black tee shirts.  I like using this for work clothes, really dirty items, undergarments, and anything that has an odor!


*Need to sanitize your towels and kill 99.9%? Need to sanitize any of your laundry? This will sanitize your laundry and kill 99.9% of germs. *I have tried and tested this product and it smells awesome also, plus it’s a brand name I can trust! Win – Win!

It’s easy to use and made by a reputable brand.  Less sick days.  More Ferris Bueller days off.


What do you do to make your laundry smell it’s best after it has developed an odd odor?  What are your favorite laundry tips passed down from older generations?



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