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By now you may have used what is called a “magic eraser”.  I use Mr. Clean magic erasers.  Yes, they do make generic magic erasers. I have tried the generic versions and have not found one that I think worked as well as the Mr. Clean magic erasers.  One lesson I haven’t learned yet  I learned is not to buy the generics that I know do not work, even though they are cheap and “save money”.  I get frustrated, the quality is poor, and for all the effort I put into cleaning the last thing I want is to feel like my end results of my effort look like yuck.

The magic of these erasers is that I think they are the best at easily getting rid of soap scum.  I have noticed that it just wipes away with a few easy wipes.

I’ll give you an example of how I “semi-deep clean” my shower tile and bathtub.  (A full deep clean would be when I use a spray steamer machine which is amazing for sanitizing and cleaning tile grout, there is no comparison to the magic of seeing the dirty run out of the grout.)

  • I run warm water into the bathtub just enough that the water covers the bottom of the tub.
  • While the water is running I add a squirt of the Mr. Clean concentrated cleaning gel with gain scent (this scent smells like fresh laundry and knocks the socks off any odors!).
  • I wear gloves! This is important!  (Sorry to “mom” you – but when I use cleaning products I try to keep my skin safe, and I want to help you keep your’s safe too!)
  • I then take the magic eraser and continually dip the eraser into the water as I scrub all the tub and tile. (I start at the top of the tile on my walls and then scrub the tub last.)


*Mr. Clean erasers tell you not to use magic erasers with any other cleaners.  I am not entirely sure why, as I have not found any downsides to the combination.  (I have read on other blogs of using the combination of cleaners natural and shelf products.) I am letting you know what works for me.  If you decide to try it, just remember you are also taking a risk.


I use an entire eraser. I used to use half of an eraser at a time to try to make the eraser box last me longer because I did not know there was a right and wrong way to be cheap, but I found that I can get done 2X as fast by covering more area with an entire eraser.  I rinse and save the eraser for a few times as long as it isn’t crazy dirty. (I wipe down -hands free- my shower & tub at least weekly.  I use my own cleaning method that I describe in my blog post 3 Minute Shower & Bathtub cleaning hack, therefore my shower and tub is not usually very dirty anymore.)

*Bonus Tip – If you have multiple bathrooms, do multiple cleaning tasks in one session,  or like to be organized like I do, I invested into a cleaning caddy.  No more juggling acts or cleaning up after cleaning.  I can easily put a wet magic eraser, loose paper towels, etc. in the caddy and empty out the caddy at the end of cleaning.  I was so happy to not be walking from room to room for cleaning products/items that I left behind.



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