15 powerful items that will make you more productive



*This post contains affiliate links.  I only put products in this post that I 100% believe are an asset to my life and yours.

I’m making it super easy and fast for you to get any of these items in this post.  

Just click on any photo to get that item!

Organize your work.  Never forget where you left off again.  No more forgotten million dollar ideas.

You work hard; get more out of the work you already do. 

One of the ultimate keys to success.  Planners.

The Panda Planner.  The best planner for those who want simplicity; and top notch organization.

You need the Panda Planner if you are serious about getting your life in order.

Detailed yet simply laid out.

Keeps all of your to do’s, events and ideas neatly organized.

Provides organization with daily, weekly and monthly sections.

This is more than just a regular planner.  The pro size offers more room to write more items in.  Both planners are non- dated which means they never expire!  Eco-friendly.  Panda planner has built in features to increase productivity, organization and even encorporates using psychology to make the planner users happier.  You have to read the reviews.  This planner has changed people’s lives and opportunities.

A goal without a plan, is just a wish.

Start making your goals a reality today.  All you have to do is give yourself the opportunity.  Imagine how much you can accomplish if you just start now.

Get organized.  Say goodbye to paper piles and clutter forever.

This is for those who like to be able to “put away items; while still being able to access them quickly.

*Additional Tip – use a label making machine to label each section to keep items organized and neat

This rolling cart makes it easy to move around your desk area.  The drawers provide more privacy for your bills and paperwork compared to being left out in the open. Keeps items extremely neat and tidy.

Perfect for paperwork or files you use often.  Organizes your files, binders, etc.; while at the same time keeping them in hands reach.

Wall hanging paperwork organizer.  Keeps items well organized and out of the way.  Frees up precious desk space.  Clear is chic and provides a way to quickly locate items.

Label your spaces to stay organized.  It’s easy to forget; but it’s not easy to reorganize again and again.

Both of these labelers are easy to use.  A labeler is perfect to label drawers, shelves, folders, and can be used all over your house.  Don’t spend endless amounts of time of your life reorganizing and cleaning your desk off.  Once everything has a place that is clearly labeled – you can spend less time in the office, and more time doing what you want to do.

Sticky notes & Page labeler tabs

Perfect for labeling any and all types of paperwork.  These sticky paper tabs allow you to bookmark important pages; without writing on the pages themselves.  Write on these tabs for easy reference!

Classic sticky notes in a variety of colors.  Use different colors for different subjects or tasks.  Color coding is an easy and efficient way to keep yourself highly productive.

No need to waste a regular sized sticky note for small notes.  Use the proper size for the proper task to save money in the long run.  This bundle includes 1200 sticky notes in a variety of colors.  Perfect to utilize to start color coding your tasks and paperwork.

Good ‘ol fashioned Post It Notes.  The sticky notes pictured above are slightly oversized, and are lined.  This makes these sticky notes perfect for a quick “to do” list for the day ahead,  jotting down materials needed for upcoming projects, and ideas for your business!

Keep your writing organized using color coding is smart, easy, and more fun.

From writing drafts to separating different ideas; different colors keeps your writing organized without any extra effort on your part.

Work smarter; not harder. 

I use different color pens to organize my writing.  From writing blog post drafts to separating ideas for projects – colors keep me organized.  It’s super easy to glance around at my work and see (based on color) what changes need to be made and where. I included Sharpies because they are awesome for labeling and writing on larger items.  I use the ultra fine point Sharpies to write lists.  For some reason using my favorite pens (Sharpies) keeps me more motivated to keep working, which in turn makes me more money; faster.

Take notes.  Scribble down ideas fast.  I always find that when I am in the middle of something – is when I get (what I think is) an amazing idea for a blog post or how to make/save more money.  I don’t want to scribble in an expensive notebook or planner.  This is when you need just a plain ‘ol note pad to get your ideas out of your brain and on paper…before you forget!

You can’t make any money off ideas you don’t remember. 

Mid size note pad.  Perfect for shorter notes and general ideas.  Great for a medium/large To Do list.

The pack above is

5″ X 8″ in size.

Regular paper sized note pad in yellow.  Great for writing down ideas and details.  Draw mock ups of what you want an idea to look like.

This is the regular  paper size note pad which is

8.5″ X 11.75″.

Mid size note pad.  Perfect for shorter notes and general ideas.  Great for a medium/large To Do list.

The pack above is

5″ X 8″ in size.

Regular paper sized note pad in white.  Great for writing down ideas and details.  Draw mock ups of what you want an idea to look like.

This is the regular  paper size note pad which is

8.5″ X 11.75″.

Keep your desk more organized.  Find things easier.

According to SimplyOrderly – “The average office worker spends 1.5 hours a day looking for things; which works out to be 6 weeks a year.”

That is a lot of wasted time.  Don’t let that be you.

Desk organizers keep all of your smaller items together; instead of cluttering your workspace.  Say goodbye to lost pens, and items rolling off your desk.  Everything will be nice and neat in one spot.  Perfect way to incorporate minimalist style with function. The black mesh desk organizer (#2 from the left) even spins!

Sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference. 

Draw and visualize your ideas.

Never get off track again; by having your most important tasks by seeing “the writing on the wall”.  Or in this case – the writing on the board.

Use in an office space, or use to keep the entire family on track.

I personally use easel boards just like these in different parts of my home.  I have one in my office area, and another in our kitchen for the entire family to see what is going on/needs to be done.

This one simple tool could take a forgetful household from off track and derailed to back on track – ready to get things accomplished.  

Imagine how that would feel.

Dry erase boards come in a variety of sizes, and now also in another color – black!  With the black dry erase board you write with bright fluorescent dry erase markers.  The first photo on the left is the ultimate complete set to get started.  It includes everything you would need to be up and running out of the box.  I included extra markers, because as you can see you can obtain them in a variety of colors.  This lets you continue to color code.  Make charts, lists, calculate numbers from your finances, make a family to do list or just use as an creative outlet for brainstorming.

The possibilities are endless.

To be productive; you have to want to keep working.  If you are in pain; working will be the last thing you want to do.

Computer monitor stands and laptop stands take the pain and pressure off of your neck.  This way you can avoid strain and getting “tech neck”. (This is where your muscles over stretch and pull in your neck/chin from keeping you head pointed down at your screen for too long.  This will also lead to bad neck posture. Yuck and yuck!)

Invest in yourself.  You are your greatest asset.

All of the items above are for computer monitors.  These will lift up your monitor.  This makes it easier to be at natural eye site level, which is better for your neck, back, chin, and posture.  Some of these are adjustable.  Most of these monitor stands create MORE space and MORE room for storage.

Talk about a win-win…!

The items above are Laptop stands.  These are made specifically for laptops.  It does carry the same concept of lifting the device up (like computer stands) to make the laptop more at eye level. (Causes less strain and you are less likely to develop bad posture)  The middle photo is a special laptop stand that doubles as a little portable laptop desk.  I have one just like this.  It is nice because I can work on the couch without balancing my laptop on my lap – and prevents my laptop from getting too hot on my lap. These stands help extends the life of your laptop by preventing it from overheating!

If you are in business, work from home, or spend a lot of time doing paperwork- you deserve and need your own desk.

Sometimes you just don’t have the room for a desk – I totally get that.  (We’ve been stuck in an apartment that we have outgrown for longer than we wanted to be, it’s a long story – that I will tell all about in an email to my readers sometime!)

Everything happens for a reason though…right?!

Here are some space saving desk solutions. You will get more work done if you feel like your “work” is real and more serious.  I am surprised to hear how many new bloggers do not have some sort of work space.  That’s okay – we all start somewhere.

Get your start now!

All of the items above all wall hanging desk solutions.  Perfect for minimalists and people that do not have a lot of space for an office area.  I scoured for wall desks that were reasonably price.  You won’t believe how inexpensive these desks are.  Find out! Click on the desk that you like best!

The desks above are all your standard and traditional desks.  I again looked for the best prices on Amazon right now.

I am happy to say that one of the desks picture above costs less than a party pizza.  Almost all of the desks costs less than my monthly internet bill.  Now that is a deal! Especially because they all have great reviews.

My favorite desk is the last one pictured on the far right.

If you need a desk, I highly suggest you check these out – I have never seen prices so low for such nice pieces of office equipment.  

I included a quick section for desk chairs.  If you need a desk; then you will also need a chair.  The ball chair above helps create good posture and develop core strength.  My point for creating this post was to help you get the right tools you need to take your business and productivity to the next level.

A good chair is really important.  You will likely spend a good chunk of time in the chair you choose.

Choose a chair that is comfortable, practical, and promotes good posture.  A lot of people don’t realize that bad posture creates a lot of aches and pains that we end up experiencing.  (I am guilty of this – and had to see a chiropractor to get myself back to feeling normal.)

All of the chairs above have great reviews.  I also factor in the store that they come from is offering great prices, and has excellent customer service with easy returns if ever necessary. (I personally shop with this store frequently – so I can tell you first hand I have had nothing but great experiences every time I shop!)

Tools you never thought of using for productivity.

I love sand timers.  You can get them in a bunch of different set times.  The one pictured above is a 15 minute timer.  Use this all over the house!  Use when working to get yourself motivated to tackle those tasks you really don’t like 15 minutes at a time.

Plus it looks really cool!  I have a sand timer just like this one.

To be more productive you have to want to stay at your desk longer.  Case and point.  There are not many ways around this.  Now you will want to work at your desk! Who wouldn’t want to work at their desk when they are getting a nice kneading back massage…with heat if they want it.  I’ll be up to burn the midnight oil working late to get my back massage on…oh…yeah…

Work can be stressful and frustrating.  But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.  Motivational quotes + stress relieving squish balls.

Just squeeze in your hand or toss around these stress balls to work through a tough time.  Use these stress balls to be more creative.  Take a break, toss them around – and brainstorm.

I love a good foot rub.  Now we won’t even have to ask anyone – or leave the house.  Think of all the money you could save by skipping the massage parlor.  Never been? Don’t feel bad, me either.  Even better! Now we can have our own massages while we work!  Pair this with the chair massage pad and working will be your new hobby!

Hey, those college tuition bills and saving up for retirement isn’t going to pay themselves.

Sometimes you need to add items that spark your interest to make you more productive.

It’s more likely you will want to be productive if you are in a positive state of mind.

Keep yourself positve.  Laugh.  Have some fun with your work.  Take short breaks.  Take a long break if that’s what you need. 

Fish are great listeners.  If you need to take a break, you can just watch your fish peacefully swim around.

Think of it this way…you will need to feed your fish…this means you will have to visit your office area more often.  Once you feed the fish, roll your sleeves up and get to work!

Sand gardens are a lot of fun.  If you get stuck, or are getting frustrated with your work – take a few minutes and garden.  Our brains need breaks.  Once you take your mind off of your topic (without leaving your desk!)  you may find that a solution comes easily.

Exercise your brain while taking a break.  This wooden mind puzzle is a fun way to gather your thoughts.  Maybe you are tired of staring at a computer screen.  Take a few minutes to yourself.

If you start to make your desk and office area more fun to be in…you probably will be more likely to enjoy what you are doing.  It won’t seem like such a drag to get that project done, if you know you can stare at Bob the fish or redo your sand garden.

Think how much more fun it will be to make those phone calls where you wait on hold until your next birthday rolls around.

This closed ecosystem is really neat!  There are a bunch of different varieties…some with flowers…some with little Shrimp!  If you like the idea of a fish bowl but want something with a little less maintenance then this is for you!

You can be more productive without reading a bunch of books and using a dozen more computer programs. (Imagine all the costs involved!) Don’t get me wrong – both of those things can work well in some situations.

But the point is that those books or programs won’t work for you if you don’t have the right tools and motivations to want to be more productive.

All of these items will help you be more organized, focused, and relaxed – which as a result – makes you want to be more productive.

Productivity essentially comes from within you…not from a book.

You can know everything there is to know about productivity…but if you don’t want to be productive…you won’t.

Start fresh today.  Give yourself the right tools to give yourself, your business ventures, and your personal life a new chance for more success in the near future.

How would you feel if you started getting more things accomplished this week?  

If you don’t start now…when will you start?  

Why keep waiting?  

There will never be a perfect time. I learned that from experience.  I wasted years of my life with that exact thought – and using it as an excuse.

Overwhelmed? Start small and organize yourself with a clear and simple plan.  This is one simple, easy, and fast way to get your future headed in a more positive direction. 🙂






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