#1 – Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Yes, It is true. Start collecting your toilet paper rolls before tossing them in the recycling.  Then turn around and sell them on eBay! That is a great way to turn your trash into money!




#2 – Empty Paper Towel Rolls

Here is a tip… For both the toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, when collecting them store them in a box. I would recommend to use a clean garbage bag to put in the box, to act like a liner to keep the items CLEAN.  Pick a medium sized box that you think can hold about 50 – 100.  This way when the box is full you can just seal up the box and send it out to your customer!


#3 – Box Tops

Box tops read “Box tops for education”.  Box tops are found on various food products packaging.  For example, you can find these on some cereal boxes.  Specifically on cereal boxes, the box top logo coupon itself is on the top of the box.  Essentially start checking out all of your food packages before discarding! Cut these neatly, and they are easiest to save in a zip lock plastic bag, or an envelope.


#4 – Coupons

There are so many coupons that sell on eBay.  From the coupons in your Sunday newspaper to coupons that come in the mail on catalogs.  Collect any coupons you know you will not use, and make sure they are not expired.  Easiest to store in an envelope or zip lock plastic bag.  If you are selling sets of coupons in different auctions, it is best to have them already separated when storing them.  It will make it fast and easy to ship them out when they sell this way.


#5 – Empty Coffee Containers

The plastic coffee containers and the metal containers sell best. These are best sold in lots of multiples.  Make sure you can find a box that is large enough and light enough to ship these beauties out in!



#6 – Canning Jars

If you upgraded your set of canning jars, or have some that have been laying around, now is the time to get them photo ready!  Collect all of the jars that are in good condition.  Then match up the lids to the jars.  Even if you have jars that do not have lids or vice versa, that is okay.  List them as lots/sets and include the extra pieces.  Just be sure to describe exactly what is included.  Some people need an extra lid, or do not even want the lids.



#7 – Wine Bottles & Other Misc. Containers

Wine bottles, glass bottles, and containers with lids all seem to sell on eBay.  Buyers use these for crafts and organizing. Buyers like to pick up these finds in lots or sets.  Wine and glass bottles come in so many different shapes and sizes, and the buyers seem to love this.  If you think about all the possible containers, the list gets extremely long.  From wine bottles, glass water bottles, plastic containers with lids, they all have a value! Time for you to make extra cash while helping someone further their project along!


Bonus Tips

  • Keep the items you are selling as CLEAN as possible.  Wash everything that can be washed before taking photos.  After taking photos wrap up/seal in plastic bags.  Plastic bagging keeps things clean and in most cases, almost water/dust resistant. 



  • Keep items stored away from pets, pet hair, and smoke.


  • Do not guess on shipping costs.  Weigh on a kitchen scale or bathroom scale IN THE BOX YOU ARE PLANNING ON SHIPPING IN.  Boxes can sometimes add upwards of almost a pound or more to the overall weight.


  • Take as many photos as possible. Take photos in good lighting with a basic background.  Improvise a background by using a wall in your house.  Set up the items on the floor against the wall.  Just make sure the wall is a lighter color and free of decor or clutter. As of right now, up to 12 photos are FREE on eBay for sellers.


  • Ask family & friends to save and put aside these items for you!


  • Save your earnings!  Since this is income you probably did not plan on, start an emergency fund or just a regular savings account.



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