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Lately, I have had CLEANEST floors that I have ever had in my life.

Lately, I have had CLEANEST floors that I have ever had in my life.

Did I hire a housekeeper? I wish…but nope.

I have the EASIEST, and FASTEST way to clean a floor.

What type of floor you ask?

This works easily on almost any floor…so think of it as a universal floor cleaning method!

It definitely will work on laminate, tile, hardwood, vinyl, and polished concrete!

Use this method as often as needed, or at least a couple of times a week, and you will also have the cleanest floors of your life too! (Remember it only takes 7 minutes or less…so it may be slightly more often..but it will save you so much time in the long run!)

Say goodbye to entire days of cleaning and scrubbing!

I’ll be honest.  I personally use this method.  But before you can get results, you have to have the tools!  There is a saying that you can’t do a job right if you do not have the right tools.  This is definitely true, especially in this case.


These are the tools you will need.  You may already have them, that is the best part! If not, these tools are all low cost investments, and are one time costs. (Except for the cleaning solution of course.)

#1 – Swiffer sweeper wet/dry multipurpose tool

 You may already own one; because they are super useful; they are already very common.  If you do not have one yet, you can get one here.  The swiffer is super inexpensive.  I show you multiple ways on my blog to clean so many different things with just this one tool!  It is compact and easy to store away.



#2 –  Microfiber Cloths 

This is another thing that you may already have, as these are very common in households now also.  These cleaning cloths have so many uses.  They are machine washable!  If you do not have a set of these multipurpose cleaning cloths yet, you can get them here right now.

These cloths have tons of reusable life! Reusable = Automatically saving more money; that’s something to be happy about. Don’t hesitate on these as they are high commercial quality! These microfiber cloths are way better than the set I have.  I wish these Microfiber cloths were around back when I purchased mine.  If I ever need anymore, this set here will be the one that I purchase next, because they are commercial quality – which means they will last me way longer than regular microfiber cloths.




#3 – Cleaning Solution – Pick the solution you like best! Here are my favorites! 

-For hardwoods/laminate floors (which I have) I found that Murphy’s Oil Soap (98% naturally derived ingredients, and doesn’t leave a residue!) or Method’s Floor Cleaner (another company that tries to make their products as non toxic as possible) works best for this cleaning hack for wood/laminate flooring.

The Method Floor Cleaner I use here, smells nothing short of amazing. It’s has a light vanilla almond scent. I get so many compliments on the smell it leaves in my house after cleaning my floor. (Who would have thought almonds smelled so good! It also has a light vanilla scent blended in.)  Method is known for their ways of making cleaning products as non toxic as possible. This floor cleaner is super easy to use.  It already comes premixed. All you do is use the bottle it comes in to spray and then mop.  After you have the initial spray bottle (or if you want to use one of the spray bottles you already have)  you can get the refill bottle here, and instantly save even more money.

–If I am cleaning tile, vinyl, or polished concrete (I also have floors that fall in this category.) my go to is Mr. Clean with Gain scent.  There is a couple of reasons I use the Gain scented version only.  First; it smells like fresh laundry; the second reason being that the scent sticks around for awhile. That means all day, I have that fresh laundry – just cleaned home smell for the entire day.  Its nice to be able to enjoy a nice clean house (that you worked so hard for) by a nice light lingering scent of clean – all day long.

Additional Tip – If you have pets, this is definitely the scent to go for.  Some scents can actually intensify the pet smell.  I used to clean houses (and made a good buck doing so!) and the houses that had pets needed a cleaner like this Mr. Clean Gel.  It cleans extremely well, and the gain scent gets rid of the pet odor; instead of masking it for a few hours.  If you have pets or a large household, and you want to kick germs to the curb – opt for the original Pine Sol.  The original Pine Sol is the only one (out of all of the Pine Sol varieties) that kills 99.9% bacteria. Pine Sol will also get rid of odors instead of masking them.





#4 – Spray Bottle

The best kind to get is a spray bottle that is CHEMICALLY RESISTANT.  Some cleaners can actually cause regular spray bottles to fall apart.  In my opinion, when I buy something, I only want to buy it once if I can.  The other important reason to buy a chemically resistant spray bottle is because some cleaners can soak into the plastic of the bottle itself.  That means if you go to refill the spray bottle with a different type of cleaner in the future; the old cleaner may contaminate the new one you just refilled the bottle with.  This could potentially be a huge problem. Think bleach in the bottle first…and then refilling with wood floor cleaner…not going to be a good result with that one! Yikes! Do yourself the favor and just start out with the right tools the first time; like the one here.  I learned this lesson the hard way.

These are my go to cleaners for wood or laminate flooring. Murphy’s oil soap is cheaper, because you dilute it with water in a spray bottle.

The Method cleaner is only a pinch pricier, but works really well, no messing around with diluting, ready to go, and smells really good.

I do count pennies when purchasing items, because I can be that frugal with money.  Since I do that for myself I definitely will give you the same options. 🙂

Save time, money (by potentially buying things you don’t need in a brick & mortar store!) and gas by buying items online – and get them shipped free right to your front door.  Unless you invent a time machine, you won’t get your time back for all of your trips to the store.  I always try to cut out as many trips as possible to the brick & mortar stores. Especially when I learned that the stores are designed, laid out, and every inch is plotted to make you spend more money – without you even realizing it.  It’s a lovely thing called marketing, and guess what – the big box stores are great at it.




Additional Tip:  You can skip vacuuming and use 1 dry microfiber cloth for dusting/sweeping the floor.  Then switch to a new cloth and use 1 clean microfiber cloth that will become wet when cleaning the floor.  I personally prefer to vacuum the floor, but this is an alternative way to get the same job done with different tools.

Additional Tip– Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels for your other cleaning tasks will save a lot of $$$.  In fact, if you convert to using microfiber cloths most of the time and paper towels rarely, the cloths will end up paying for themselves eventually, from all the money you saved from buying paper towels less often.




Now that you have the tools – Here’s how to wash your floors in 7 minutes or less: 


First I either vacuum (I love my vacuum! + It’s almost a decade old!) the floor with the floor attachment, or attach a clean dry microfiber rag to the bottom of my swiffer sweeper mop and go over the floor like I am sweeping the floor in pulling back motions only.

(Pull towards you, lift up off the ground, keep off the ground then place back down in desired spot and pull back again.)

If you pull back and forth instead of the last method I described you are just pushing all the debris all over the floor.





When I have either completed vacuuming the entire floor, or used the dry mopping method- then it’s show time. Lol. Yeah I really get into cleaning.

At this point I put a new clean dry microfiber cloth on the bottom of the swiffer sweeper. This is when I use the regular wet/dry Swiffer sweeper mop.  I like to the swiffer sweeper (can be used as a multi-purpose tool) because I can easily attach microfiber cloths to the bottom instead of buying the pricey refills over and over. (Truthfully, the microfiber cloths work a lot better than the swiffer refill pads, and they end up being a ton cheaper.)

Pictures by Best Microfiber Cloths

Picture by Best Microfiber Cloths


I have my spray bottle/squirt bottle in hand and I somewhat liberally spray the floor in just the area in front of me.

Additional Tip– Always start from the farthest corner in the room from where you want to end up, never back yourself in a corner so you have to walk on your wet floor. If you do this will leave footprints even when the floor dries)

Then I keep pulling the mop back towards me and lifting up off the floor to put the mop back in the place that I left off in.  Spray, then repeat mopping until finished with the entire floor.




Think of it like mowing the lawn except lifting up the lawn mower off the lawn after each row, and putting it on the top of the next row to continue.  I know this sounds weird but, if you push the mop back and forth, you will push around a lot of dust and stray debris the vacuum/sweeping missed.  Try it my crazy way and look at the microfiber cloth at the end.  I think you might be surprised to see you collect more grime this way.

Then, when I am finished with the floor I always let the floor air dry! With this method it only takes 5-10 minutes for the floor to dry.  In a hurry? A fan will dry it faster.

Because I have been cleaning my floors this way for awhile; I have this method down to a science, and  I don’t even think that it really even takes the full 7 minutes anymore!




How often do you clean your floors?  How long does it typically take to you wash each of your floors? 

Check out more of my cleaning posts – Get your housecleaning completely done in record time with my tips! 



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