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I am going to let you in on one of my most coveted secrets….but first you need to know how it happened.

Before I get into all the details, I’ll quickly tell you how I invented this cleaning hack.

For awhile I was cleaning houses.  It was a great side gig for me.  I will have an upcoming post giving you all the tips and tricks for cleaning houses on the side.  I know it does not sound glamorous to clean houses, but I made between $20-$50 an hour depending on the job.  So if you need extra cash, you need to consider cleaning houses on the side. 

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Let me start by saying this is best used as maintenance cleaning.

Which rocks because this is pretty much the only maintenance cleaning you will need after you read this post!

If your shower and tub needs a deep clean you can still use this method, but it keep in mind it won’t peel back all the grime.  Which honestly, is a good place to start if this is all you have time for. Using 3 minutes to get your shower and bath mostly clean is better than nothing and will still take most of the grime off if you need a deep clean.

You will notice that if you use this method on a consistent basis, you won’t need to do anymore deep scrubbing on your bathtub and shower anymore.

Why? Because you are getting rid of the grime before it even becomes a problem again! And remember…it only takes 3 minutes…!

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What you will need:

You have to have the right tools for the job! The good news is you probably already have most or all of these things; as they are all super common items. 

#1) Swiffer sweeper wet/dry sweeper – Basic edition — If you do not have one yet you are really missing out.  This simple “mop” can be used for so many different cleaning tasks. There are a bunch of mops that are similar to these, but you have to use their specific refill mop heads.  This is a big draw back because you will have to make sure that the specific mop heads are always clean, and when you need to replace the mop heads they are much more expensive than a regular old microfiber cloth.

The swiffer has these little notches that you can just stick the ends of a microfiber cloth in and use the microfiber cloth INSTEAD of buying the more expensive refill pads!

#2) Microfiber cloth –  These are specific cloths that have great scrubbing action due to the way that the fibers in the cloth are designed.  Basically, they scrub a lot better, and do most of the work for you.  Goodbye elbow grease!

Best part: these cloths are inexpensive.  So that means if you ever need to replace one, it’s cheap to do.  Like cents on the dollar per cloth cheap.  Can we say good bye to the spendy mop head refills? Yes, now we can.

#3) Cleaner — This will vary for a lot of folks.

I like using environmentally friendly and chemical free cleaners…until it comes to scrubbing something like a bath tub or toilet.  For these type of jobs, I do still use something that kills most bacteria and viruses.

So in this area, feel free to use the cleaner YOU LIKE.

So if that is from Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, or a homemade version –  go for it!

Additional Tip:  Shop around.  Check your local store price (check the price online – it’s free and no gas involved!) and I would check Amazon.  See who has the lower price.  Factor in your time, gas, and if you have a habit of buying things you don’t need just because you are at the store. (Okay, that used to be me – which is why I shop at Amazon for most things now.)



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Ebates is 100% FREE for you to use.  There are no gimmicks or tricks.  I use ebates, and I can say I have never experienced anything gimmicky or any “fine print” type of tricks.

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Amazon is affiliated with ebates. (This is true.)

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So really, if you have not signed up yet it is super simple.  And you probably should go to ebates before it slips your mind and sign up.  It is SO worth it.  I have collected over a hundred dollars in cash back for shopping that I was going to do anyways!  It adds up faster than you think.

Okay sorry for the long blurb – but it was super important information. 🙂


Back to the cleaning: We were just talking about cleaning solutions.

You will likely need a cleaner that is multi-purpose.

I usually tend to use one of the following cleaners because they have built in drying agents. (this type of drying agent dries out the grime to make it flake apart and break up making it easier to clean away gross-ness)

I like the Mr. Clean self dispensing gel, specifically the one that is scented with Gain. (This 2 pack is the exact kind I am talking about, and is on Amazon, however you could probably find it a little bit cheaper in a store.)

(Super easy to use – all you do is squeeze until it stops dispensing and that is all the cleaner you will need…which saves money!) This Mr. Clean gel seems to have the extra cleaning power it claims; I have tried and tested this and noticed cleans very well.

The scent is like fresh laundry and it lingers for awhile.

For those of you that like disinfecting cleaners the Pine Sol original scent is a go to favorite of mine. (The Original Pine Sol Disinfects but the other scents I have not seen that they have the disinfectant.

Lysol is another brand that I have used and it works well and has a ton of different scents.

I usually buy whatever cleaner is cheaper.  I do like to switch cleaners.  I like the variety, and in some strange way I look forward to using a different product every once and awhile.  In some weird way it makes the chore of cleaning somehow less of a chore by using a new scent, and sometimes as a bonus surprise; finding that a new different product works better.

I like using all natural cleaners and homemade cleaners.  I definitely appreciate the Eco friendly brands.  However, I tend to use a combination of both in my home.  Like I said before for the bath tub, shower, toilet and a few other places, I like to use something that is proven to kill bacteria AND viruses.  I think of it this way, these areas are the dumping grounds for a lot of the germs in our house.  These are the places I need to make sure I am killing and ridding of as many germs as possible. That is just my opinion…

You can really use any cleaner that you are comfortable with.. These products are just what I found works well in my home, and the homes I used to clean.

You know your home best. 🙂

3 Minute Shower Tub Bathtub Cleaning Hack Fast Easy

How to clean your bath tub and shower in 3 minutes: 

  • Clear out all of the shampoo bottles, soaps, etc. from the bath tub and shower area that you are cleaning.
  • Then- Plug the bathtub drain.
  • Run the water as warm as you wish to safely use in the bathtub.
  • Add your cleaner to water while it is filling. I fill the water until the water is just covering the bottom of the tub.  This or a tad more is sufficient – then shut the water off.

After that is complete attach the microfiber cloth to the end of the swiffer sweeper mop.

(Make sure you put one side length wise on first the pull snug to put the other side of the cloth into the latches. Otherwise the rag will be too floppy and hard to move around the walls of the shower and tub.)

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Next, take your swiffer sweeper and put the mop end in the bathtub water.  Then move the mop around in the water enough to mix the cleaner and the water together.

At this point you can take the mop out of the water and give it a little shake while just above the water.  This just gets some extra water off the cloth.  The cloth will be really wet, which is all the better actually because now you will start scrubbing.

Start at the top wall of the shower and literally “mop” all of the walls until all of the shower walls are clean.

Then continue to clean all of the sides of the inside of the bath tub. (If you are curious about what to do with your grout, keep reading!)

Then, I get the top rim of the tub all the way around.  Be careful not to dip the mop back in the water before you do this.  Otherwise you will have a big mess on your hands, because the cloth will be dripping wet once you dip it in the water!

cleaning bathroom

Lastly, you can do 1 of 2 things to finish the entire job and clean the faucet/shower head.

The first option is you can learn to twist the swiffer mop and use the corners of the mop head to get into the spaces around the faucet.  This takes some practice.

Or, the 2nd option is you can take the cloth off the mop at this point (use disposable gloves when you are cleaning!) clean the shower head and faucet(s) with the microfiber cloth as usual by hand.

Okay so some of you that are really concerned about tile grout are probably flipping out right about now.  I have a wee little secret for you.  If your grout gets alot of build up between cleanings (assuming you clean the shower somewhat regularly) then something is wrong with the grout or  you are using products that are causing you extra work.  

You will know its a grout problem if:

  • you tend to use scrub brushes to scrub your grout.  If you tend to do this the only thing you are actually doing is scraping away your grout seal.  Use my cleaning method regularly (1x a week – remember it’s only 3 minutes!) and you won’t feel the need to scrape your grout away.
  • If your grout seal is gone, it is time to reseal your grout after steam scrubbing it clean.  (This is the only time I recommend scrubbing grout -ONLY when you want to seal it.)  Use a steam machine like this one here (I have used this one and know it works) and you will be amazed at how clean the grout gets.  DO NOT USE A STEAM MACHINE EVERYTIME  YOU CLEAN  YOUR GROUT.  You will be again be just scraping away the grout.  The more you scrape away the dirtier the grout will get.  Eventually your grout will start breaking apart and flaking off; then your tiles will become loose or just start falling out.  Let’s not have that happen. That’s just wasting money. 

Additional Tip:  After you steam clean your grout with this steam cleaner machine, reseal your grout.  You can use a resealer like this one here.  

Why is it so important to seal your grout?  

Think of the grout seal like a non-stick cooking pan.  You don’t want your food to stick to your pan, just like you don’t want soap to get stuck inside the tiny textured grooves of the grout.  

The seal makes it easy to wipe off whatever dirt or grim is on the seal, INSTEAD of scrubbing at the seal.  Once you start scrubbing or using really harsh cleaners like bleach or lime-away, it will break down the seal fast until it is gone.  Once the seal is broken you will be doomed to forever trying to get rid of soap scum, and you will not be far from grout pieces that will start to fall out. 

You will know its your products you are using if:

  • You see the same soap colored globs hanging out in your grout.  A lot of soaps on the market today are horrible for grout.  I used to clean a house that had a beautiful shower – but it was honestly pretty gross.  The soap buildup had actually created a strong odor in the shower.  The soap scum had also built up in the drain pipe and made the entire bathroom smell.
  • You see a white-ish film on glass doors or on the walls.  In this case, it is likely that you or someone is using bar soap.  I know bar soap is inexpensive initially, but it’s not worth the cost to remove it, time, and hassles it takes to clean it up to get rid of it for a short period of time.
  • You notice a blackish film/residue on the bathtub bottom or lower sides.  This is probably from a body wash.  The scented bodywash Olay used to do this to bathtubs.  It smelled great…but made the bathtub look gross.

What can you use that won’t leave the grout and entire shower & tub looking (and smelling) gross? Does anything exist?

Yes! Such a thing does exist!

  • I use Dove liquid bodywash.  It moisturizes my skin, is gentle, smells great and does NOT give me an extra chore when cleaning the shower and tub.  It leave almost ZERO soap scum build up. Make the switch and you can make your skin happier AND spend less time scrubbing like Cinderella.  

Do you have a lot of “soap scum” in your bath tub and shower?

If so…Read this post to find the culprit: 10 Reasons to quit using bar soap

Want to clean your floor in 7 minutes? Then see this post: How to clean your floor in 7 minutes or less

What other tips and tricks do you have up your sleeve for cleaning your bathroom?

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