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Hey there!

This is one of my favorite tips.  One thing that bugs me is a dirty and stinky garbage can.  Not just because it’s gross but because it smells! Constantly!  Even after you change the bag you get a whiff of old garbage smell, which is just gross.


The best thing to do is wash out your garbage can with a good cleaner.  I use pine sol to clean out my garbage cans.  The original pine sol kills 99.9% of germs, so I tend to use pine sol for the extra yucky cleaning projects.

Let the garbage cans air dry.  I like to let them dry out in the sun if possible.

*Always use garbage bags for your garbage bins.  From cleaning houses in the past, I noticed some people do not use garbage bags for their bathroom garbage bins.  I know that it seems like it saves money, but it adds a lot of germs and stinky-ness to your bathroom.*


Then add carpet deodorizer to the bottom of the garbage can.

Add your garbage bag!

*The deodorizer soaks up any stray drops of liquid and the stink!

So the next time you go to change the bag, all you smell is the smell of fresh and clean.

Do this with all of your garbage cans: kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, etc.