Ever wanted to just get away and take a vacation? Yeah, I probably did not even need to ask right? I agree!

I have a way to take a vacation for almost FREE!



Yes, you heard me correctly!

TAKE A DAY-CATION! Or if you have a weekend you could clear, take a WEEKEND-CATION!


Preparation is KEY! Start planning with these 2 thoughts in mind:


                                                 Change of Scenery

First things first, if you live in the city think get away to the country.  If you live in the country, think get away to the city.  Since when does taking a vacation need to be so expensive and costly? Not anymore.

                                            Finding The Perfect Spot

Starting thinking and writing ideas down about possible locations that are within a 1-2 hour drive from where you live.  Search the internet to help you discover places that you might not even know exist.  Chat with a friend to toss ideas around. BONUS TIP:  Maybe take a friend, make it a couples trip, double couples trip, a double family trip, or even extended family trip!


Here is the perfect opportunity to customize this day-cation to your family’s needs.

In your search you look for:

  1. Historical sites – (doubles as an educational experience)
  2. Landmarks – (sometimes we overlook the beauty of a landmark until we get there and soak in the experience.)
  3. Nature Parks & Forests – (Enjoy the view)
  4.  Good ‘Ol Fashioned Parks & Playgrounds – (Make it into a picnic)
  5. Amusement/Water Parks 
  6. Zoo/Aquarium/Wildlife Exhibit- Sanctuary- Conservation Etc.
  7. Museums -(There are so many varieties of museums!)
  8. Shopping Malls, Centers, Village Boutiques Etc.  – (Check out a new shopping center!)
  9. Spas – (Need I elaborate?)
  10. Hotel – (Stay for a night! Splurge on a top rated hotel or shop around for the best rates- this could be a low cost alternative.) – Any travel rewards points to cash in? This could be an option for you if you already collect these rewards from certain banks, credit cards etc.
  11. County Fairs, Festivals, Carnivals Etc.
  12. Visit a different State! – Okay, in some cases this exceeds the 1-2 drive time, but it’s just an idea for you now that the ideas are flowing!
  13. The Beach!
  14. Camping – (Glam-ping is also an option if that suits your lifestyle)
  15. Visit Relatives & Friends! – (Check out their hometowns and explore, even if you have already been there.)

Make it a whole day vacation! – If you want to make it a full day getaway, plan a few places to visit and incorporate meals in between.

Making it a weekend vacation? – Plan out each day, remember to include meals, and a few activities.  Over planning and making a compact schedule not only takes away from the “vacation vibe” but does not leave much room for just relaxing and enjoying the new scenery.

There are so many possibilities!  Most of these ideas are FREE, or a have a small admission fee (that could be reduced with a quick search for a coupon!).


Gasoline/Travel to get to destination –  This post pertains mainly to driving to your destination so gas cost would be a point to look at.  You could keep costs low by limiting how far you travel when picking a destination.

Meals & Drinks – If you want to stay with the low cost/almost free theme, you can bring food and drinks in a cooler.  If you are staying for a weekend you can bring non-perishable food items and drinks also.

Make a meal plan! Nothing worse than overspending on endless snacks and leaving yourself without an actual filling meal.  Or, if you decide you could also stop and eat meals at restaurants etc. on the way but, remember that is going to weigh more heavily on your budget.

(BUDGET TIP: Search for coupons online, coupons in local papers, and groupon.) TAKE IT A STEP FURTHER –>Try to find coupons for the admission costs, places to eat meals, and gift shops etc.)

You could even change the idea up, and stay close to home by visiting places like these if they are close to you.

This is a great way to still have a get away if you have kids, did not plan a vacation, or were having trouble finding time/money to squeeze a vacation in this year!


Do you have any ideas for a day vacation or weekend vacation?

Share with us! 🙂


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