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Have you ever heard of a company called Ebates?

I heard about Ebates about a couple of years ago.  I first saw a commercial come onto my TV saying how all of these people get free cash back while shopping online.  I have to admit, my first thoughts about Ebates were not so positive.  I kind of rolled my eyes and thought “it can’t be that easy, it never is”.

Awhile had passed between that commercial I saw, and then I heard from a friend that they had tried Ebates and loved it.  I wasn’t convinced because – well …haven’t we all seen a friend or someone we know get scammed or hooked on a bait-and-switch scam?

However, now I was curious since a friend had used it.  I wanted to find out for myself what Ebates was really all about.  I’ve been scammed before, when I was much, much, younger.  (Who hasn’t seen a scam or fallen prey to the fine print these days?) I learned my lesson and learned how to smell a scam from a mile away.

After checking the website, and doing research, and becoming a customer myself, I was happy and relieved to find that Ebates is definitely NOT a scam.

Straight to the point: Ebates checked out to be 100% legitimate.  You will earn cash back for shopping online that you would normally do anyways.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but I don’t know for sure how long this offer will last, and I really don’t want you to miss out…

If you use my Ebates link, you will get a $10 cash back bonus! For just signing up! (You will receive the $10 deposited into your Ebates account after your first purchase through Ebates of $25 or more within 90 days of signing up.)

If you just wanted to know if Ebates lives up to its hype (it does!) and are ready to sign up for FREE (no gimmicks) sign up now.

I will tell you exactly how they are able to give you cash back on your purchases with no gimmicks.  It is quite interesting how they found a way to do this, and is a perfect example of how living in 2017 is an interesting time to be a part of.  There are in my opinion probably more scams out there than legitimate offers.  But! That is why I write posts like this.  To get the word out that there is something tried and tested and is a legitimate way to save money and earn cash back!


#1 – Research Findings: proof Ebates is a legitimate company to sign up with to earn cash back.


  • Ebates has an A+ rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  This is quite an accomplishment, and is the highest rating you can achieve.

Ever heard of the BBB?  It basically is a report card for businesses and companies.

People can complain here with any issues, and the BBB mediates the resolution between both parties.  The only negative thing I could find about Ebates was not really negative at all.

Like every other company on the BBB; Ebates had some of their customers share some of their negative experiences.

I read almost all of the comments in this section.  Most of the comments were complaints people had that were not Ebates fault, and was just user error.

How was it user error?  Because the following information is readily available on Ebates, and Ebates gives you prompts when you sign up and while shopping that lets you know how to use the website.

It really is easy to use, but if you are using it for the first time and are in a rush (and didn’t read this post! Lol) I can see how you clicked out of and past the prompts that explain how to use the Ebates website to make sure you get your cash back.

The customers that shared negative experiences mainly did not know the following :

  • Ebates does wait to put cash back in your account until the store has verified you made a purchase. (Usually I see the cash back in my account in a day or so unless the store I shopped at delays my shipment.)
  • Ebates sends out payments of your cash back balance every few months, not monthly.
  • You do need to make sure you go to Ebates FIRST to click on the store you want to shop at- this is the only way they know you made a purchase.

I will explain how to easily and quickly use Ebates in this post – but I wanted to be clear about all of the information I found – not just the positives.

Again, most of the people that had a negative review were using Ebates incorrectly, or did not read the prompts explaining the features of the website.  There were some people that did experience technical glitches and Ebates didn’t track their cash back but this was less than a handful of people. Considering Ebates has millions of customers, that is extremely good for a company if you ask me.  Each and every instance, Ebates commented back, and fixed the issue for the customer.  I know this because I also use Ebates, and I am quite familiar with their signage and prompts.


  • Ebates has been in business since 1999.  I honestly did not know they have been in business that long!
  • Ebates has a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with the BBB as of April 2017. 
  • On sitejabber Ebates has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating.
  • Ebates has paid out over $325 million dollars in cash to its customers. Who wouldn’t want a slice of that money pie?
  • Ebates is FREE to use.  Ebates gives you the option to store your credit card information to checkout faster but it’s totally OPTIONAL! You don’t have to store any card in your account, and they don’t ask for a credit card to sign up.

Okay awesome I know Ebates is legitimate…but what’s in it for them?  How does Ebates make money?

What Ebates does is they go to each store and basically say “We can bring customers to your site/store, and for doing so we would like a percentage of what each customer spends at your store.”

Then Ebates and the Store negotiate a percentage that Ebates will earn from each customer’s purchase at said store’s site/store.

Ebates then gives people like you and me the opportunity to earn cash back on our purchases to said store by Ebates sharing their percentage of our purchase we make on said store’s site – as long as we go through Ebates’ site first.

  1. Basically Ebates is referring Ebates’ customers to these big box stores.
  2. Then Ebates earns cash back paid by the stores from the customer’s purchases.
  3. Then Ebates shares their cash back they earned from the big box stores with the customers that made the purchase using the Ebates site.

#2 – Benefits of using Ebates … and why you need to sign up now!


  • Ebates is totally free to use.
  • You can make money by referring friends to Ebates! I’m sure you know a couple of people that don’t have Ebates as of yet.  I’m sure they would love to get cash back on things they are going to purchase anyways.  The amount you can earns vary depending on what Ebates promotion is – but it is usually $20+ per person that signs up with your referral code/link.  The $20+ (again, varies – right now is more than that!) is deposited into your Ebates balance (which at the end of the payment cycle is mailed to you in a check) AFTER the person you referred makes their first purchase through Ebates of $25 or more.  Which in all honestly still is simple and straightforward.

Let’s think about this for a minute.  If you can refer even a small group of people over the course of a year – you could start earning quite a bit of referral money!  Again, this is a totally free way for your friends, family, and co-workers to earn cash back on things they were going to by anyways!  Once they join – they too can earn referral money!  This is an awesome cycle of helping people.

Stores that participate:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Bluehost
  • Petsmart
  • Kohls
  • It seems like every big box stores are on Ebates! Just search the store if you don’t see it to check.  Ebates works with over 2,000 stores!  2,000! That is amazing to me.

Ebates also has the following sections that are an added bonus:

  • Double Cash Back Stores
  • Hot Deals
  • In-store cash back (to use this you would need to link a card of some type so they can track your purchase – see Ebates for more details)
  • Luxury Deals
  • Refer & Earn Program

Ebates doesn’t stop there!  They also have coupons and coupon codes you can use to snag more deals!

And remember right now – If you use my Ebates link, you will get a $10 cash back bonus! For just signing up!

(You will receive the $10 deposited into your Ebates account after your first purchase through Ebates of $25 or more within 90 days of signing up.)


What would you do if you were able to make extra cash by referring friends to Ebates to help them earn cash back?

Would you.. 


  • Pay off credit card debt? It would be a lot easier to do wouldn’t it, if you were making more money? It feels so amazing to pay things off.
  • Save your referral money to help build a savings account for a down payment on a house?
  • Donate to your church or a charity?
  • Save for an emergency fund?
  • Kid’s college fund?
  • Save towards a new car down payment?
  • Start a savings account?
  • Fix up your house or car?
  • Start saving to start up your own business? Start your own blog maybe?
  • __________________________ <— Your answer goes here. 


#3 – Drawbacks of Ebates: 

  • You get your cash back sent to you every few months. (I don’t really mind – but maybe some folks do.)

That’s all I could come up with – and even that is a stretch. 🙂


#4 – How to use Ebates:


  1.  Sign up for Ebates here.
  2.  Write down your user name & password.  (They are so easy to forget! I always get so frustrated when I can’t remember my passwords! This here is just like what I use to keep track of what seems like a bazillion user names and passwords.)
  3.  Confirm your email. (Ebates will send you an email to confirm that your email is legitimate.)
  4.  Download the Ebates App if you have a smartphone or tablet. (Sometimes in the app they will double the cash back if you use the app while shopping!!)
  5.  Check out and browse around your Ebates account area. (This is your profile area – click on your user name in the upper right hand corner and that will take you to your profile.) Read any information you see.  This keeps you up to date on Ebates and its guidelines, like how often they pay cash back balances.  
  6.  If you think you will forget to go to Ebates first when you are shopping, you can download (for free!) the Ebates icon for your browser bar.  The browser bar is to the right or below where you type in website addresses.  When you have this feature, whenever you go to a website that Ebates offers cash back for the little icon will pop up and ask you to activate the cash back!  How cool is that?!?! I personally have the Ebates browser icon, and I love it. (When you visit the Ebates website it will ask you if you would like to download the Icon for your browser bar.)

I never realized how many discounts and ways to earn Ebates offers until I wrote it all down to publish this post.  The other take away that really hit home when I wrote this post was that signing up and referring others to Ebates really is a good way to help people, and at the same time you can earn money for doing so.  I love that this little system Ebates has going really helps everyone involved. It makes me feel good talking about Ebates and using Ebates. Definitely is a win-win for everyone.


A note from me to you:

Hey there!  

I wrote this post about Ebates to bring more awareness to show that Ebates really is beneficial to everyone while they are shopping.  When I first signed up with Ebates, I tried to picture in my mind all the money I had spent doing regular shopping since that day I saw the commercial for Ebates and just passed it off.  It made me feel like I wasted a lot of opportunites to earn a lot of cash back.  What made me feel horrible about that is, I could have used that cash back.  I have kids and a family too, just like you.  Even if someone doesn’t “need the money” I think it would be a good idea to still use Ebates and donate the money to people in need.  Make an example of yourself to for others to follow.  We can change this world if we want to.  We just need most people to do one small act of kindness at a time.   

I could have invested and started my blog sooner.  I could have done so many different things.  

I know I am taking a negative nelly trip down memory lane, but I am doing it with great reason.  

This doesn’t have to be you.

Here’s your opportunity and your chance to start now. 

Don’t forget.  You can earn $10! It’s like you are getting paid to shop! 

If you use my Ebates link, you will get a $10 cash back bonus! For just signing up! 

(You will receive the $10 deposited into your Ebates account after your first purchase through Ebates of $25 or more within 90 days of signing up.)

I keep mentioning the $10 bonus because – it’s a pretty awesome deal.  There are not many places where you earn $10 for shopping that you were going to do anyways.  

You don’t have to miss out on earning cash back now that you know about Ebates.  

Invest 5 minutes of your time to sign up for Ebates right now and you won’t miss out on earning cash back on things you are going to buy anyways.

I put the details of my mistakes on my blog not to embarass myself (but I end up doing that anyways!) but so that you have a chance that I wasted for a long time.  I want you to have the chance to learn from my mistakes, instead of wasting your own precious time making the same mistakes I already did. 

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t let you know what you were missing out on and tell you how I just wasted probably thousands of dollars over the years. (Yuck, it’s even worse to see it typed how much I wasted!)

If you need help, get stuck, can’t figure something out, you can email me at Jacqueline [@] sincerelyjacqueline dot com 

I will be more than happy to help you.  Even if it’s not about Ebates.  I mean that, friend. 





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